Living can be considered as an endeavour to discover numerous channels that connect us to the world. This process involves connecting the dots and incorporating oneself into a world that one desires to be a part of. This process is, in other words, is about sharing one’s perspective with others.

Our collective members, who’ve all lived abroad, standing between different countries, cultures, and values, are convinced that employing translation/interpreting as a form of expression can lead to fruitful relations. As mediators connecting people and ideas, we aim to contribute to a new advancement in the field of contemporary art through actively pursuing creative practices and proposing/disseminating ideas.



  • 質の高い翻訳・通訳の提供を通して、日本の芸術分野における情報の偏りや言説の不在を解消する
  • 芸術の価値を更新する「対話」の実現を見据え、単なる言葉の変換を超えた新しい翻訳・通訳のあり方を提案する
  • アーティストの創造行為に寄り添い、自らも表現者として翻訳・通訳を行うことで、豊かな世界の創出に貢献する
  • 日本と海外をつなぐ相互の情報発信を通して、人々が文化や言語を超えて思想を共有できるネットワークを生成する
  • 翻訳・通訳の持つ価値を体現/可視化し、発信する

  • Addressing the absence of discourse and uneven distribution of information within the field of art in Japan through advanced translation/interpretation.
  • Proposing a new definition of translation/interpretation with the aim to realize dialogue capable of advancing the value of art.
  • Contributing to the formation of a richer world by acquiring a deeper understanding of the creative practices of artists and practicing interpretation/translation as a creative.
  • Creating a network that allows for the sharing of ideologies across cultures and language by supporting reciprocal exchange between Japan and the rest of the world.
  • Embodying, realizing, and communicating the values and potentials of translation/interpretation.

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